North American Super Stars February 8-14, 2015

North America Super Stars is a collective of Somali artists that performs in various configurations around the Twin Cities and beyond. The group includes vocalists Dalmar Yare and Hodan Abdirahman, founding members of the foremost Somali Hip Hop group Waayaha Cusub. They are joined for this residency by Ilkacase and Iskalaji with backing instrumentation performed by Augsburg College students and alumni, led by Bob Stacke of the Augsburg Music Department, and with special guests Abdulwahab Nagi and Harbi from the legendary Mogadishu night club group Dur-Dur Band. North America Super Stars is Somali pop at its best, carrying on Somalia’s deep performing arts traditions right here in North America.

More information about North American Superstars Residency Coming Soon!