Nimco Yasin March 20 – April 15 2017

Nimco Yasin rose to fame as part of a member of the legendary Waaberi Group in the 80s, Somalia’s government-sponsored music and dance troupe that included the most talented singers, musicians, and dancers in the country. With more than 300 members over its 30-year existence, the group was a source of national pride and toured the world multiple times. 

Because of their status, artists were among the first to be impacted by increasing  political instability in Somalia in the late 80s. Nimco fled Somalia to the UK in 1989, shortly before the onset of civil war which nearly wiped out the country’s rich artistic traditions. Since then, Nimco  has rebuilt her career as a professional artist. Known for her striking voice and emotional love ballads, Nimco eloquently revives the vintage qaraami (or “Somali jazz”) sound that Waaberi was known for, while bringing it into a modern context.

 Nimco Yasin’s Midnimo residency, which took place March 20 – April 15 2017, included opportunities for Minnesotans of all ages and backgrounds to participate in workshops, class visits and education programs, discussions, and performances. Nimco collaborated with Minnesota-based keyboardist deVon Gray (Heiruspecs, dVRG, Chastity Brown) who assembled a local backing band featuring Harbi, DeCarlo Jackson, Deevo Dee, and DeVante Jacksonto arrange, rehearse, and perform her music. 

More information about Nimco Yasin’s Residency Coming Soon!