Jubba May 14-27 2016

Jubba was just 19 when he won Somalia’s national singing competition, Heesaha Hirgalay. Similar to the “Idol” and “Got Talent” competitions popular worldwide today, in the 1970s, young people throughout the country signed up for the competition to showcase their talent in hopes of becoming a star. Winners were recruited to join one of the government-sponsored song and dance troupes. For Jubba, this was a ticket to Waaberi, the group that featured the most talented musicians and dancers in the country. During Jubba’s time with Waaberi in the 1980s, they toured China and the U.S. and performed in Oslo, Sweden; United Arab of Emirates; Doha, Qatar; Djibouti; and at a meeting of the United Nations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Among other honors, Jubba has written and performed a song for the Queen of Norway. Today, he continues to perform and tour, and is an active producer creating backing tracks for singers around the world.

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