The Cedar Announces 2019 Global Roots Festival Lineup

The Cedar Cultural Center will kick off its 31st season this fall at the Global Roots Festival taking place September 23-25 2019.  Over the last ten years, this signature annual event has offered Twin Cities audiences free, in-depth access to new artistic voices from around the world, fulfilling The Cedar’s mission to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through global music. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, September 23-25th will feature an eclectic roster of international artists on The Cedar’s mainstage: the hypnotic women-led Tuareg blues of Les Filles De Illighadad; Afro-Argentine reggae icon Fidel Nadal with Mr. Pauer; masterful Korean percussion from Kim So Ra; Dublin folk miscreants Lankum;  Chadian-Canadian Afrofuturist electro-fusion DJ AfroTroniX; and Jordanian-Palestinian shamstep pioneers 47SOUL

“Over the past decade, the Global Roots Festival has established itself as an incredible opportunity to commune with music lovers and experience outstanding live acts from around the world, entirely free. The lineup of artists in 2019 will illuminate and celebrate traditions while boldly exploring the edge of emerging art and culture,” says Emmy Carter, The Cedar’s Booking Director. “Each night will be unique and juxtapose instruments, identities, and messages that will keep you engaged for the whole festival!”

More Festival activities, including educational programs, will be announced in August.  

Promotional Image of Les Filles de Illighadad and Fidel Nadal

Night 1: Fidel Nadal with Mr. Pauer and Les Filles De Illighadad

Monday, September 23rd

7:00pm Doors / 7:30pm Show 

Free, All Ages 

Standing Show 

Reserve Tickets

Les Filles De Illighadad - 7:30pm

Female-led avant rock group Les Filles De Illighadad blends contemporary Tuareg guitar with traditional music from rural Niger called tende. Tende, which takes its name from a drum built from a goat skin stretched across a mortar and pestle, is a communal musical practice led by women full of vocals, handclaps, and percussion. In the 1970’s, tende’s vocal melodies inspired the guitar riffs of Tuareg guitarists in exile, leading to the music of Tinariwen, Bombino, and Mdou Moctar.  Now, Les Filles De Illighadad’s music returns us to the original source of “desert blues,” combining the driving rhythm and polyphonic resonant vocals of tende with hypnotic guitar riffs. 

Fatou Seidi Ghali performing “Telilit” from the album Les Filles de Illighadad, courtesy of Sahel Sounds’ YouTube channel.

Fidel Nadal with Mr. Pauer - 8:30pm

With a career spanning over three decades and two Latin Grammy nominations, it makes sense that Rolling Stone calls Fidel Nadal “the Rasta who revolutionized Latin Rock.” Fidel first exploded on the underground scene in the late ’80s as co-founder and lead singer of the radically political rasta-punk band Todos Tus Muertos, followed by a stint as part of cultural roots reggae trio Lumumba. He continues to make Afro-Argentine musical history while inspiring solidarity, love and unity. He’ll be joined by Latin Grammy nominated producer Mr. Pauer, known for his signature sound dubbed “electrópico.”

Fidel Nadal performing “Siempre Para Adelante,” courtesy of Reggaeville’s YouTube channel.

Promotional image of Kim So Ra and Lankum

Night 2: Lankum and Kim So Ra - A Sign of Rain 

Tuesday, September 24th

7:00pm Doors / 7:30pm Show 

Free, All Ages 

Seated Show

Reserve Tickets

Kim So Ra - A Sign Of Rain - 7:30pm

Multi-award winning Korean percussionist and composer Kim So Ra is one of the most skilled and prominent janggu (Korean double-headed drum) players in the world. Inspired by nature, her creative, charismatic and modern performances are rooted in traditional Honam Province Jeongeup folk music. In “A Sign Of Rain,” she tries to capture the sound of rain with her ensemble, creating a spectrum of emotions through the interplay of percussion, wind instruments, Korean zither, and projections. 

Kim So Ra performing her project “A Sign of Rain,” courtesy of So Ra Kim’s YouTube channel.

Lankum - 8:30pm

Lankum are a four-piece group from Dublin, Ireland with an alchemical ability to combine traditional folk roots and contemporary undercurrents, forging music that is dark, mysterious and transcendental. Born of years criss-crossing Dublin's folk, squat and experimental scenes, their close vocal harmonies, instrumental interplay and dramatic storytelling pin you to the seat and revive the spirit. It’s folk music that’s angry, progressive, and full of vital force, all supported by the eternal drone of the uilleann pipes.

Lankum performing “What will we do when we have no money?” courtesy of Elusive McSorley’s YouTube channel.

Promotional image of 47SOUL and Afrotronix

Night 3: 47SOUL and AfrotroniX 

Wednesday, September 25th

7:00pm Doors / 7:30pm Show 

Free, All Ages 

Standing Show

Reserve Tickets

AfrotroniX - 7:30pm

Named the ”Best African DJ of 2018,” Chad-born, Montreal-based artist AfrotroniX puts on ecstatic live shows that combine electronic music, live drums, African urban dance and digital art. His music draws on influences from around the globe, mixing dubstep, house, reggae and EDM with mbalax from Senegal and the Gambia, malinke music from West Africa, and Tuareg blues from the Sahara. Heavily influenced by Afrofuturism, he performs under a custom helmet called the “Afrotron,” with visual aesthetics reminiscent of Star Wars, Tron and Daft Punk.

AfrotroniX performing “OyO,” courtesy of AfrotroniX’s YouTube channel.

47SOUL - 8:30pm

Formed in Amman, Jordan in 2013, the Palestinian and Jordanian musicians of 47SOUL all have roots in Bilad al-Sham, a region that covers Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and parts of Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. They’re pioneers of a new underground genre named for the region called “Shamstep,” which fuses dubstep, hip-hop and electro-Arabic dabke. 47SOUL hypes up beats that have been bumping in the Arab world for centuries with analog synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines, and celebratory and political lyrics in Arabic and English. 

47SOUL performing “Intro to Shamstep,” courtesy of IndieMaj’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to our funders and supporters for making the 2019 Global Roots Festival possible!

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